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Well well... it's been a long time since my last update huh? Wait, didn't I say something about some movement in the next few days? Err.. yeah let's just say I've been busy with work :-)

Anyways, I've updated the tracks section a bit. I've uploaded a small live mix I did on a party lately.

Also, I've done a remix of Arome's "Hands Up!". One of the best tunes ever by DJ Scot Project. My version is far from that perfectness and power, but I'm fine with that. You simply can't top Scot in that anyways :p

Check it out if you want, it's also linked above this rant.


Well, I managed to get off my lazy ass to do some mixing as I just bought some new eqqippment along with some vinyls I wanted to own for some time now. :-)

Expect some movement on this site in the next few days and weeks.

After all, I finally need to get something actually DONE.

Ohh yeah, b.t.w.: my first own production will be finished soon. Let's see how this turns out :-)


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